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We can mention among the metal-free prostheses the special fixed prosthesis, with the help of which absences of teeth can be restored by the usage of tooth abutments but without drilling them. In this case we remove and clear the caries and fillings from the teeth next to the absence (abutments) and this precisely shaped hole we insert the bridge anchoring supplement (inlay bridge).

The bridges without grinding are made in a way to preserve the most own dental material possible. This can be made of porcelain burnt on precious metals, but the hybrid porcelain or zirconia bridges made without grinding are also meet the aesthetic requirements. When you choose hybrid ceramic, the bridge is strengthened by glass fibre, but its usability is getting narrower because of the limited chargeability.

Designing prostheses is a complex process, we have to apply many rules, it is not enough to know the number and position (e.g. on the basis of a panoramic X-ray) of the teeth only. For the making of professional prosthesis, clinical oral examination, consultation with the patient and taking record of dental past history are inevitable. The making of fixed prostheses is most often prohibited by the number of missing teeth; in this case a removable prosthesis can be substituted with implant technology (see there).

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