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Too much wisdom is troublesome...

Growing up is not easy and unfortunately hardly anyone can avoid its troubles, especially in case of the wisdom teeth. Those who could avoid seeing a specialist with this problem are very lucky. We recommend consulting a specialist in case of even the smallest complaint and we also recommend taking at least one X-ray of the wisdom teeth area.

Removal of wisdom teeth

 Teeth extraction –especially of the wisdom teeth - is a scary and infamous intervention for everybody. We often hear scary stories from patients about how somebody they know suffered by the difficult extraction of their wisdom teeth. However these worries are ungrounded. Today, when performed with the adequate knowledge, routine and tools this is not at all painful. In the DENTUS removals are done by dental surgeons with hospital practice.  After the removal of their teeth patients are usually surprised and relieved, because what they expect is far worse than what they experience.

 Completely erupted, tangible wisdom teeth are easy to remove. On the contrary, when only a small part of them is erupted, they are removed by operation, during which the teeth need to be disengaged with a drill, making space for twisting it out from its place. Fortunately these teeth are barely ossificated – because of their little role in chewing. So, if we make enough space for them with the drill, and find the right direction, they can be lifted out of the bone without struggle.

 The wound heals faster and the discomforts after the intervention are milder if the teeth are removed with the least possible struggle. That is why there are less complaints after the operations and the wounds heal without complications. So if the teeth are removable on the basis of the X-ray but only with struggle, it is recommended to choose the operation. But, as we stated before, there is no need to worry, you will get over with it quickly.

 Local anaesthetics or narcosis?

 We usually remove the wisdom teeth by local anaesthetics. With today’s anaesthetics even a longer operation can be made absolutely painfree. The four wisdom teeth (when each of them is removed) removed separately. This has several reasons. Firstly the entire mouth cannot be benumbed at once. Secondly, the treatment is shorter, so less tiring for the patient.

 Besides, if the patient is afraid, anxious about the operation or requests the removal of more than one tooth in one session, there is the possibility of narcosis in the DENTUS. In conscious sedation with the assistance of an anaesthetic, so a specialist in narcosis and his/her assistant we can extend the length of the operation, so that the patient will not remember the discomforts of the intervention.

What to expect after the removal?

 After the removal of number eights,-similarly to every intervention- there are nuisances to expect. The face may get awollen, you can expect light pains, small lockjaw. So, the patient chews and eats with difficulties. These complaints however disappear within a few days if the patient observes the rules during the healing process. After each and every treatment we inform you in detail about these.  It can happen that the patient forgets the important things in the excitements of the treatment, so you receive them via email or on paper.

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